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The attention item of ultrasonic beauty instrument
- Aug 02, 2018 -

1, the use of equipment before the physiotherapy site should be cleaned to avoid dirt with the ultrasound into the skin or to prevent the penetration of ultrasound.

2, the use of medium preferably have a certain viscosity this is conducive to better ultrasound and skin fusion, to prevent the gap caused by reflection and negative and sound absorption.

3, each physiotherapy section is generally 15-20 minutes, too long or improper use of the skin will be too labor and poor absorption. Users can choose the right time according to the size of the physiotherapy site.

4, the degree of probe heat does not represent the size of the output of ultrasonic power, small concentration of water or drugs should not be directly infiltrated, otherwise easy to cause skin dryness.

5, the use of equipment probes must not close to the eye, not through the eyeball and pregnant women and serious heart disease disabled.

6, water and oil and other media must not penetrate the instrument inside, can not impact the beat and fall to avoid damage to the instrument.

7, after the use of Ultrasonic beauty instrument, please clean the probe and disconnect the power supply in time.