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What is silicone face brush?
- Aug 02, 2018 -

1, silicone wash brush and also called baby shower brush, child shampoo brush, cosmetic facial brush, mainly used for baby wash face or an adult wash, the product has a sucker at the bottom, very convenient to suck in the flat table or mirror surface. 

2, on the surface of the brush is some very fine small needles, massage point, small needle material is quite soft, diameter 65*50mm, the entire product height of 28mm (needle high 3mm, product thickness 2mm) needle diameter 0.6mm, product net weight yo 8 grams, product color can be based on customer samples or Pandora color number we pursue color.

High-grade materials, safety and environmental protection, the use of Japan imports 100% of food-grade silica as raw materials, high transparency, tearing resistance, anti-aging and not sticky; there is the role of massage skin, can effectively remove the baby head scale, is the best choice for infant bath shampoo.

3, nano-antibacterial silicone bath brushes, products in line with the United States FDA and the European Union health standards; Super soft silicone raw material production, different massage point design can better and more effective massage skin and cutin. First with water moist head or skin, apply appropriate amount of shower gel or shampoo and this product, gently rub, will play the role of massage skin, promote baby skin metabolism, improve intellectual development.

 Rinse with clear water before use, and disinfect for 2-3 minutes in boiling waters, and keep in shade. 

4, silicone is widely used, ideal for baby swimming pool, kindergarten, mother and child shops, early education and spa institutions use.

Also suitable for adults face, beauty, cleansing use, exfoliating, whitening skin, often used to make the skin more flexible compaction, promote blood circulation.