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How To Remove The Face Of Dead Skin ?
- Aug 02, 2018 -

Dead skin, Cutin, blackheads and impurities is the woman's sworn enemy, I would explain the beauty of the television program recommended products inside the beauty of the use of skin shovel machine.

First warm water clean the face, dry with a towel. With make-up water or exfoliating milk to wet the whole face, to enlighten the model machine facing up, 45 degrees against the growth of the skin of the sliding push, help deep cleaning, weekly operation this step can be.

After cleaning, take the right amount of skin care products, playing circle method will be applied evenly, start to import mode machine back face up, reverse the growth of the skin gently slide to skincare better absorption. Rub for three minutes, wake the skin to make your skin full of nutrients, free to breathe!

The use method of the shovel-skin machine:

1, clean facial skin, with appropriate amount of water tap on the face of all parts to absorb, so that the skin can be thoroughly disinfected and the best protection.

2, plug the power adapter, remove the protective sleeve.

3, the blackhead into the wave or other cleaning liquid rub on the skin, press the switch, work indicator light, in the need to clean up the site slowly moving, you can see Blackhead, bald, acne instantaneous decomposition and export.

4, the use of ultrasonic cleaning function, according to the ultrasonic cleaning selection key once, the indicator light, the machine can work properly.

(Hand to touch key when using)

5, shovel skin contact with the skin, the pores of grease atomization after the skin, play a deep cleansing role.

6, such as the use of ultrasonic import function, according to ultrasonic import select key once, light on the light, you can work (use the hand to touch the key).

Apply to a variety of skin care products!

1. The essence: Evenly smear the essence of the use of the instrument after 3-5 minutes, skin moisture increased

2. Cream: Apply cream evenly on face and probe, use 3-5 minutes for skin to double moist

3. Facial Mask: Apply mask, use the instrument to massage for about 3-5 minutes outside the membrane to absorb the essence of the mask better 

"Drink full" essence, with emulsion or frost to lock water, so that every inch of skin care, glory bloom!