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Nasal Pegs With Risk
- Nov 07, 2018 -

Women in East Asia are putting tiny pegs into their nostrils so their nose could look more European.


The beauty trend apparently started from South Korea about two years ago and has spread to Japan and China, where women with a pointier European nose are considered more attractive.

The beauty trend, however, has sparked serious health concerns. In a recent case from China, a woman reportedly swallowed a peg by accident and the small item was later found in her stomach.

The non-surgical nose-lifting trend apparently involves a set of tools which are popular on shopping websites in East and South-east Asia.

A typical set consists of two small curved pegs, measuring two to three centimetres long, as well as one adjusting hook.

The most popular brand seems to come from South Korea, but various other copycat products have cropped up and sell for as little as £1.

According to the instructions online, users should first insert the two pegs into their nostrils respectively. The pegs are said to be made with silicone.

Then they should use the hook to adjust the pegs so they stand in a 45-degree angle inside the nose.

Although the nasal pegs are popular among beauty-conscious females, they have also brought health issues to the customers.

Last November, a 25-year-old woman in Taipei nearly lost her nose after a peg poked through her nasal membrane and caused a bacterial infection.

It was reported that the woman wanted to change the shape of her nose tip, but couldn't afford plastic surgery.