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The Application Of RF Cosmetology
- Aug 02, 2018 -

Wrinkle Tight Skin

The application of RF in the facial rejuvenation such as wrinkle and so on is called "The electric Wave pulls the skin" or "The Ice electric wave pulls the skin". The radiofrequency is used to send radio waves into the subcutaneous tissue through a radio frequency treatment device, the natural resistance of subcutaneous tissue produces heat energy, it is the use of dermal collagen fiber in 55-70 ℃ will immediately produce contraction of the principle, the principle of electrical wave pull skin and promote the promotion of collagen regeneration of the two functions, collagen produced immediate contraction of the same time , but also stimulates the dermis layer to secrete more new collagen fiber regeneration, thus again hold up the skin stent, so that the skin dermis layer thickness and density increase, fill wrinkles, improve relaxation. The effect of a course of treatment for radiofrequency is 2-3 years.

Treatment of stretch marks 

The stretch pattern is due to the enlargement of the uterus after pregnancy, more than the limit of the skin elastic fiber, elastic fiber fracture, the rectus tendon also occurred in different degrees of separation. As a result, there was a pink or purplish-red irregular longitudinal crack on the skin of the abdomen. Radiofrequency wave energy penetrates the barrier of epidermal basal melanoma cells, collagen fiber to the dermis to heat up to 55-65 ℃, collagen fiber contraction, so that the skin is taut stretch, while the thermal effect of collagen hyperplasia, new collagen rearrangement, increase in number, repair aging damaged collagen layer, thus reducing the length and width of the cord-like stretch marks, Achieve the goal of reducing stretch marks. The radiofrequency cosmetology is suitable for the abdomen loose prolapse not serious stretch pattern.

RF Thin Muscle

RF technology can be applied to calf gastrocnemius hypertrophy and simple masseter muscle hypertrophy, this is the RF wave issued by the RF signal from the tip of the RF needle into the target tissue, high-frequency alternating current can make the tissue ions in the direction of the changes in the flow of vibration, resulting in the electrode surrounding the ion oscillation, ion collision between friction and heat generation, That is, the resistance produces heat, the temperature can reach 90-120 ℃, resulting in local high fever effect, prompting the local radiofrequency lesion region muscle fibers appear cavitation, and then contraction and tension and deformation, atrophy, thereby improving the local muscle hypertrophy condition.

The whole process of tissue change after radiofrequency treatment takes about 3-6 months.