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The Effect Of Beauty Instrument---shovel Machine
- Aug 02, 2018 -

Deep shovel Skin (cleaning): The warm effect and high-frequency vibration of the beauty skin instrument accelerate the movement of pore endothelium lipid, so that the dirt and necrosis of the cutin is softened, at the same time, ultrasound to promote the skin surface water to produce a micro-explosion effect, combined with mechanical wave infiltration, instantaneous skin deep excess oil emulsion export and the surface of dirt cleared, To achieve deep cleansing from the real sense without any wear and tear, so that the skin becomes refreshing and natural. The advantages of this deep cleaning function are unmatched by other cleaning methods.Make-up remover can be used to remove the residue of cosmetics, so that your face to restore fresh and natural, to maintain a clean and refreshing feeling. 

Prevention of acne: beauty skin instrument in the skin, you can dredge sweat glands, shrink pores, deep removal of sebum and other secretions, auxiliary Yu Jie Skin Cleaning effect, the surface of the dirt is promptly cleared, thus inhibiting the breeding of acne.At the same time, ultrasound can be the formation of acne to the role of ablation, the decomposition of necrotic cells and residual oil removal, the warm effect can strengthen the skin sterilization function, through its physical and catalytic action to accelerate the absorption of nutrients and the skin corneum metabolism, to ensure that the physiological function of the skin normal, to achieve acne treatment. 

Beautify the skin, improve the skin: the role of the United States skin instrument to enhance the depolymerization and absorption of nutrients, to promote the skin to the deposition of pigments and toxic substances swallowed, to achieve the effect of speckle whitening. And the skin cleanser produces high-frequency mechanical waves on the cells have a subtle squeeze and massage effect, constantly changing cell volume, enhance cell activity, shrink pores, enhance skin elasticity.At the same time, the thermal effect of ultrasound to promote the local blood and lymph circulation, enhance the skin permeability, accelerate the metabolism of tissue, strengthen the absorption of aging and necrosis of cells, reduce wrinkles, slow skin aging, improve skin quality.

Moisturizing: Ultrasonic Dredge the skin tissue between the nutrient transport pipeline, through high-frequency mechanical waves massage and catalytic action to promote water supplement and absorption, so that the skin luster bright and slippery.

Soothing skin nerves, prevent facial dermatitis: ultrasound produced massage effect and warm effect, can stimulate the skin's nervous system, soothing skin nerves, enhance cell sterilization ability, prevent facial dermatitis.