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The Function Of Ultrasonic Beauty Instrument
- Aug 02, 2018 -

1. Strong ultrasonic power, large energy, used in the face can make skin cells with the vibration, resulting in micro massage, change cell volume, thereby, improve the circulation of local blood and lymph, enhance cell permeability, improve tissue metabolism and regeneration ability, soften tissue, stimulate the nervous system and cell function, Make the skin shiny and flexible.

2. Ultrasonic Beauty Instrument Intelligent Nutrition Import/clean export function, clean pores, cleansing toxin, nutrition import, whitening light spots, tight to wrinkle, thin body thin face.

3. Dynamic red skin power active muscle energy effective activation cells, hyperplasia of bone collagen, skin becomes soft and young slippery.

4. Blue light Effective anti-inflammatory acne, fine pores to regulate skin oil and water balance, reduce oily surface and acne formation.

5. Ultrasonic Beauty Instrument Nutrition Import function, more than general ultrasonic or light ion import strong effect twice times, the skin better absorption.

 6. The ultrasonic beauty instrument tightens the promotion function, the effective activation cell, the hyperplasia collagen, the skin becomes soft and rich elasticity.

7. Ultrasonic beauty instrument burns the fat function, the effective warm softening fat, promotes the metabolism, the thin body thin surface efficiency.