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The Misunderstanding Of The Skin Care
- Aug 02, 2018 -

1. Wash your face frequently every day 

Some friends may own skin compare oil, so will often wash face, want to wash off some of their own face grease, in fact this looks wrong.

The reason why our skin secretes grease is also to protect our skin, so we do not need to always want to wash off the oil on the face, usually wash two times a day face is good.

2, Irregular exfoliating

Many friends may not know, our skin periodically will drop some aging cuticle, so if we do not regularly exfoliating, it will be easy to accumulate too much of our skin waste, affecting the absorption of follow-up skin care products.

Therefore, we in peacetime must remember to regularly exfoliating.

3. No shaving every day

Some boys are always less fastidious about hygiene, not shaving every day, in fact, this is wrong.

Because a beard can easily make our face piled up a lot of rubbish and waste, long time it is easy to clog our pores, so we must remember to shave regularly.

4, do not fill sunscreen 

We all know, sunscreen is sometimes staying power, so in our usual sunscreen out after the sun, we must remember to fill the sun, or not to play a good sunscreen effect.