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Ultrasonic Beauty Tester Product Features
- Aug 02, 2018 -

1, ultrasound with its wide range of treatment, effective, quick and by the beauty industry concern, power light ultrasonic using lightweight and compact hand-held body and simple operation method, no matter when and where all can be convenient to use.

2, Ultrasonic beauty instrument using intelligent chip control, each course by the standard time 15-20 minutes automatically set, not because of improper operation or too long time to cause adverse skin reactions. The use of the frequency of one MHz of ultrasonic, can output 1 million times per second vibration, output waveform stable and lasting will not produce fatigue, output strength is divided into low, medium and senior three segments, use can be easily selected according to the need to give full play to its power.

3, Ultrasonic beauty detector using high hardness of pure stainless steel to do, there will be no wear, rust, surface shedding phenomenon, and the core of the vibration of the piezoelectric vibrator and the probe stick firmly, at high temperature can also long-term stability work, the service life greatly extended.

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