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What Is The Role Of Eye Massager?
- Aug 02, 2018 -

1. Beauty freckle/activate eye skin

Usually if the eye of the "fish Waist", "string", "Bear Cry" and so on more than 20 points for massage, can strengthen the metabolism of eye cells, prevent skin aging and degeneration, so that the eye skin more vibrant and flexible.

2. Eyesight Bright/Relieve visual fatigue

Eye massage can effectively improve the microcirculation of the eye tissue, enhance the metabolism of the skin cells of the eye, so that the eyes bright clear, clear vision, prevent myopia, alleviate visual fatigue.

3. Inhibit Neurasthenia/Improve sleep

Massage promotes the facial blood circulation, reduces the brain blood pressure, relaxes the brain nerve, the improvement brains excessive and the neurasthenia causes the insomnia, achieves refreshing the brain, the refreshing effect.